Jenna Gradidge


Jenna with Lucky (the very lazy desert horse) in NamibRand 2023

Having worked with Journeys by Design on a largely freelance basis for a couple of years, Jenna joined the company on a fulltime basis in August 2022.

Born and raised in Durban, South Africa, much of Jenna’s childhood was spent outdoors by the coast or in the mountains. It was here that her love for adventure and nature was formed, particularly the sort that takes place on foot, where she feels more engaged, and especially when encountering wildlife and terrain generally overlooked on the safaris of her youth. In 2016, that adventurous spirit saw her up-and-leave South Africa and settle in Brighton (UK), where she has made her home.

Something of a superstar, Jenna attended the Vega School of Brand Leadership as a Creative Brands Communications undergraduate, where she was one of just 24 people globally to win the much coveted Art Director’s Club Portfolio Night, earned a Red Pencil for her copywriting, and was awarded the Student Showcase for her graduate portfolio. It is a testament to Jen’s modesty that we only discovered this somewhat glittering history when interviewing her for this biography.

As Content Marketing Manager, Jenna sits plumb centre of everything marketing, producing and managing digital and print content for the website, our real-world marketing materials, our newsletters, and all our social media platforms. A fount of ideas, an adept user of digital tools, a super writer of copy, and enormously quick thinking, quick witted, and quick on her feet, she is as big hearted as she is capable, and one hundred percent dedicated to supporting the team and our clients. Hands off headhunters: she’s ours.

Anything travel-related, please do get in touch with Jenna.

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