‘Every bit of our trip was first class.’

– Katy Perry

With over twenty years’ experience of providing specialist adventure travel to Africa, Journeys by Design’s CLASSIC safari is no ordinary safari. It aims to change lives – yours and those of your hosts.

As such, we limit ourselves to designing just 70 such safaris a year. We ensure that each journey is as unique as is humanly possible, offers you the opportunity to explore some of Africa’s greatest frontiers, and is designed to support its cultures, wildlife and wildernesses. Throughout, we provide a level of sophisticated isolation and remoteness capable of accommodating the most necessarily COVID-aware of travellers.

As a result, the Journeys by Design CLASSIC safari has over the last 20 years helped raise over US$ 6,000,000 for a range of charities. Equally, it has seen us set up our sister charity Wild Philanthropy, invest US$ 600,000 in what has become one of Ethiopia’s finest on-the-ground safari handlers, and begin the task of helping support Covid-hit eco-businesses in the Omo Valley, the Mara, and western Tanzania. We are, we believe, unique in the business for having done so. Below is a snapshot of Journeys by Design’s impact for 2019/20. For full details please see our impact reports.

In what is becoming an increasingly crowded travel world, this experience in providing safaris that mean something special – for the traveller, the host community, and the environment – is what makes the CLASSIC safari much more than just a safari. For more on where, how, and when to travel, please explore destinations, experiences and best time to travel. Otherwise, do get in touch – we’d love to help.