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Luxury African Safaris

Luxury African Safaris

'Journeys by Design opened our eyes to a world of experiences we never knew existed'

Ralph Lauren

Journeys by design make the CondÉ nast traveller gold list 2019



Read about one of our top experiences camping in the surreal landscapes of Kaokoland, Namibia, as featured on the front page of Condé Nast Traveller’s The Gold List 2019.

Stanley Stewart travels through one of the remotest parts of Africa ‘far from safari circuits and game parks’, staying at Hoanib Valley Camp and mobile camping along the banks of the dry Hoarusib River. He goes on to explore the Skeleton Coast, a place ‘barnacled with legends, haunted with ghosts, veiled with sea mist’.

If you’re interested in a safari through the rarely visited landscapes of Kaokoland, please get in touch with one of our destination specialists.


Luxury African Safari HOLIDAys AND TOURS


11 members of the Journeys by Design team have spent a total of 365 days researching 12 of our destinations in the past year.

Journeys by Design is a luxury and frontier African safari specialist. We arrange expeditions for travellers whose needs are always exceptional, be that a safari into areas rarely visited, a vacation that takes in mountain, savannah and beach, or a journey into the myriad world of Africa’s many cultures.

Journeys by Design was founded in 1999 on the belief that for tourism to work, then it must be sustainable. In this respect, there is no such thing as luxury for luxury’s sake. Space is the real luxury. For us and for our clients, every one of our bespoke adventures is designed to benefit all: guest, host and the wild. We are all accountable. We are all journeying in the name of Africa’s great wildernesses.

Of those wildernesses, Journeys by Design operates luxury and frontier safaris in no less than 17 African countries, from North Sudan to South Africa, from the Democratic Republic of Congo to the Seychelles. Specialists as much in cultural Ethiopia as we are in big game Botswana, in the deserts of Namibia as we are the vast savannahs of Kenya, in historical Mozambique as we are the beaches of main coast Tanzania, we are Africa specific. We design luxury holidays, family safaris and frontier expeditions in places we know and love, places that excite, places that change lives.

As such, a Journeys by Design trip is built on trust, on respect, and on, in many cases, long term friendships. Our relationships with our ground operators are both long lived and based on a mutual admiration for the other’s expertise. Members of our key host communities are personal friends, their visions our visions. Our clients are largely either repeat business or personal referrals. ‘We are all,’ says founder and CEO Will Jones, ‘one big family. The common denominator? We’re all wild at heart.

Filmed on safari with Journeys by Design

A guest of Journeys by Design travelled to Tanzania in June 2017 and shot this stunning video on location while on safari with his family: