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Journeys by Design - Since 1999

Distinctive African Travel

Distinctive African Travel

Journeys by Design is no ordinary African tour operator.

Established in 1999, we are a specialist adventure travel company which curates 100 high-value safaris a year. Providing rare opportunities into frontier landscapes, each journey is unique to you and is designed to support Africa’s cultures, wildlife and wildernesses, with profits invested in the work of our sister charity Wild Philanthropy.

To support at-risk communities and ecosystems, we have so far invested over US$ 600,000 in an impact investment in Ethiopia to deliver jobs in tourism and conservation. In further support of the circular economy we believe in, we have helped raise over US$ 6,000,000 in a range of charities in the last 20 years. We are, we believe, unique in the industry for having done so.

In this increasingly crowded travel world, our experiences provide a level of sophisticated isolation and remoteness to soothe even the most anxious of COVID-aware travellers. Our mantra: travel less, but when you do, travel with real purpose.

‘Journeys by Design opened our eyes to a world of experiences
we never knew existed.’

– Ralph Lauren