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Luxury African Safaris

Luxury African Safaris

'Journeys by Design opened our eyes to a world of experiences we never knew existed'

Ralph Lauren

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Stop press: We’re hiring for two roles: a Finance Assistant to cover a maternity leave and a full time Sales Support Assistant. For further details and application packs please see here.

This website is, we hope, the first step towards experiencing an Africa you perhaps dream of.

From the start it has been our aim to show Africa as we know it – diverse, beautiful, raw – and to do so in a way that caters for the dreams of its visitors, while at the same time paying real attention to its people, its land and to the animals it boasts.

To this end, our journeys into Africa are in fact adventures of the spirit, designed to meet the expectations of a specific type of traveller. They are not holidays in the normal sense of the word. They are wondrous, awe-inspiring journeys through habitats that can change the way we look at the world.

11 members of the Journeys by Design team have spent a total of 365 days researching 12 of our destinations in the past year.

Our portfolio ranges from the northern highlands of Ethiopia, the deserts of Northern Sudan, through The Great Rift Valley of East Africa, and out onto the sprawling plains of southern Africa. Many of these habitats are under threat. The fact they have survived the unprecedented rise in levels of population, and are indeed now, in some areas, flourishing, is partly due, we believe, to the kind of responsible tourism Journeys by Design has, does, and will continue to promote.

Regarding the range of itineraries on our portfolio, Journeys by Design caters at one end for families, first time travellers, couples seeking a luxury honeymoon, and those in search of the traditional wild Africa safari, and at the other, for those seeking an even rarer, more frontier-type experience. Common to each, is the fact that every journey, be it soft or extreme, luxurious or hardy, is meticulously planned, supported and delivered, employs the very best of ground operatives, and chooses to use only those areas and types of accommodation that share our philosophy on the importance of providing an experience that is as exceptional as it is beautiful.

The success of this approach, one aimed at providing a flawless, creative and adventurous travel service, is underlined by the fact that over 70% of our business is with referred and repeat clients.

Let us guide you to Africa with a peace of mind borne from our deep understanding of this exceptional continent.

Will Jones, Managing Director

Hot off the press

In Catch the Drift, Conde Naste Traveller’s Peter Browne describes his time spent discovering the Lamu Archipelago, off the coast of Kenya. The piece features as part of CNT’s Editors’ List 2019.

“The word safari is Swahili for ‘journey’ and it is still being used in its purest form along this coast.” Browne’s experience of travelling Lamu by Tusitiri Dhow is the embodiment of this. Once a merchant vessel and now renovated and re-purposed as a travel boat, Tusitiri Dhow’s the real deal, and allows for the exploration of the sandy isthmus of Lamu, the coralline island of Manda, and little-known Pate, which is only accessible at high tide.

Along the way, Browne throws himself headlong into everything the archipilego has to offer, including the islands’ mix of Arab architecture, Chinese and Indian culture, the artistry of Shela Village, Lamu’s veritable lack of cars, and a small and perfect hotel called Peponi, the sum of which is a truly beautiful trip, as provided by the Tusitiri Dhow.

Do have a read. It’s jolly good.  If interested in travelling there – whether as a large family group, a honeymoon couple, or a solo traveller – please do get in touch. We’d love to help.


on safari with Journeys by Design

A guest of Journeys by Design travelled to Tanzania in June 2017 and shot this stunning video on location while on safari with his family: