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‘World’s top ten super-agent.’
– Financial Times

We have been responsibly sourcing the best safaris in the world since 1999. As such we design only 100 conservation-minded safaris a year, and return much of our profit to the African landscapes that you may be about to visit.

No two journeys are ever the same, and each is a potentially life-changing experience for you and your hosts. Please do take a minute to fill out the form below.


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    Luxury safari experiences across a range of better known wildlife parks and reserves on the continent. Softer, inspiring adventure better suited for first-time visitors and families with lower risk appetites, starting at US$ 1,500 per person per day. Includes 1% for Planet pledge, which is fitted as standard across all our products.

    Extraordinary ‘off-google’ adventures into the frontiers of the continent. Significant logistics and forward planning required. Suits individuals and families with higher risk appetites and significant desire to ‘put back’ into supporting communities and wildlife. Journeys ranging from US$ 100,000 – US$ 1 million per project. Includes US$ 5,000 environmental pledge to Wild Philanthropy.

    Those of you wishing to commit to conserving the natural asset on which tourism in Africa and life depends may consider joining our Activist programme, our bespoke group of donor travellers. Just a handful of highly committed philanthropes, these are the game changers who empower our charitable vehicle, Wild Philanthropy. Becoming an Activist requires an initial pledge of US$ 20,000. As part of our community, you gain special access to the full RARE portfolio of travel experiences, as well philanthropic advice on your own internally-managed conservation fund. This is the future of transformational travel.

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