Frankie McCarthy


Frankie McCarthy has her face painted when visiting the Kara, Omo

Born and brought up in East London, Frankie studied Art and Design as a foundation degree specialising in fine art, graphic design and illustration. Frankie joined the team in 2014.

Since finishing her degree, she worked in the publications industry and television, her first in advertising at the Times Educational Supplement. This was followed by three years in television production for the likes of Sky, Channel 5, Disney, and the Discovery Channel as a production coordinator for a range of documentaries.

Upon completion of her contract, and having previously decided that a change of scene into something more environmentally-conscientious and people-oriented was on the cards, Frankie joined Journeys by Design. A logistician and highly creative with it, Frankie works closely with guests pre-trip, and specialises in complex frontier itineraries. Frankie uses her organisational skills and past experience to ensure that a guest’s journey from an enquiry to their tailor-made safari is as smooth as it could possibly be.

As well as the above, Frankie’s knowledge and skillset is such that she is a go to for advice on business operations, and has travelled to Addis Ababa to assist Destination Management Company Wild Expeditions on ways to optimise their operational capacity. Her knowledge continues to expand as she travels to Africa’s frontiers each year.

For all things logistical, please do get in touch with Frankie.

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