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South Sudan © Kyle de Nobrega

‘I wouldn’t even think of going to Africa without first consulting Journeys by Design, which has arranged the most authentic and rewarding adventure travelling I have personally ever done.’ – Richard Story, former editor of Departures Magazine

We pride ourselves in a level of service that is all about understanding and providing for a prospective client’s every need. As such, we offer a private consultation or home visit anywhere in the world. Currently, home visits are conducted by Will Jones, Kyle de Nobrega, Squack Evans, and Hannah Rayner. Do take a moment to hear (below) their thoughts on what it is about the home visit that makes for an exceptional safari.

‘When designing the one-off itinerary, I’ve always believed it vital that we get to know the prospective traveller’s needs and wants. As such, we made it a point of service – very early on in the life of Journeys by Design – to find times in the year in which I made myself available to anyone just about anywhere. There’s nothing quite like meeting face-to-face, around the kitchen table, telling stories with the aid of a map of Africa. Everything becomes so much more real, so much more exciting, and so much more nuanced. Resulting in itineraries very much designed together, it’s one of the best ways to give the traveller genuine ownership over their trip.’

Will Jones

‘Home visits to me are the perfect way to get to know a client and their family or friends and indeed for them to get to know me more. A call or Zoom is a good way to start to build up that relationship and trust, but nothing compares to meeting face to face. No longer am I simply a person behind a screen, but a real human who has stories to tell and a personality to go with it. In fact, once I meet clients either in their home or out at a restaurant or coffee shop in town, we soon find a lot of stories in common or something we can relate to very easily. Clients who I have met in person have developed into great friendships, which makes this job even more wonderful! Of course, it is my duty to provide all clients with the most exceptional service and experience in Africa, but after meeting in person, both my clients and I have a greater understanding of each other, which helps build a more in-depth itinerary tailored to them and indeed for any future trips.’

Hannah Rayner

‘When I take people on safari, I try to show them just how much incredible diversity is out there. Going on safari once in a lifetime, just to tick a box, is not really the aim of what I do. I like getting to know my guests properly so I know what they like, who they are and what they need to make their personalized safari experience addictive and more than just a holiday trip. Visiting people in their own homes is such a great way to get to know each other a bit and to see if the guests and I share a connection. A chat over lunch or coffee will really help me to determine what type of safari my guests might enjoy and which sort of lodge or camp fits their style. From fly tent to ultra-luxury, from walking to flying, there are so many different ways to do safari and I like to make sure that I can give my guests the perfect fit for their taste and disposition. A face-to-face meeting is the ultimate way to make that happen.’

Squack Evans

‘Having spent the last 15 years as a guide across the wild lands of Africa, an aspect to our world of wilderness hospitality that stands out above all else is trust. I feel the best way to get to know my guests, who often end up as friends, is through personal engagement. This ensures we get to know each other and build on that foundation of trust and to understand in detail our combined expectations. By removing the layers of technology and meeting in person, I believe this is the purest way to begin the process of creative journey design, which by nature is at the core of what we do.’

Kyle de Nobrega

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