Sandiso Sibanda


As we settled into a post-Covid business-as-usual flow circa 2022, it was clear that we would need somebody to take the weight off a very busy finance team’s shoulders.

Enter the remarkable Sandiso Sibando, an ACCA accountant who honed his considerable accounting skills while working in a variety of sectors, including but not limited to building, assurance, testing, ATIC services, health and travel insurance, and manufacturing. Sandiso’s remit includes year-end accounting, reporting and systems, planning and budgetting, and helping manage the team.

Sandiso was born and raised in Zimbabwe until the age of 19, when he migrated to the UK, and has since settled in Lewes (southeast England) with his young family. Having a vested interest in the wildlife, governance, and use of African resources to benefit local people and their communities, he was attracted to Journeys by Design’s philosophy on the what it means to be a purpose-driven travel company, and keen, therefore, to contribute to everything we’re doing.

Full of stories about his upbringing, he remembers being raised in a world full of proverbs, a favourite being ‘an elephant is not weighed down by its trunk’, told to stop ‘one complaining about their problem or task at hand and show its within their reach’. He likes to refer to his family as ‘Pride Sibanda’ on account of the fact that his tribal totem is the lion. Always his number one animal, it is now his children’s too.

Committed to serving his own community, Sandiso volunteers at his local church and is involved in a number of its outreach projects. We all consider ourselves enormously fortunate to have him on the team.

Anything financial, please get in touch with Sandiso.

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