If you would like a digital copy of our current brochure RARE, please click the icon below and order via the footer below. Otherwise, click on the other icons to download old brochures. For our impact reports, see the bottom of this page.

RARE, 2021

Conservation - Commerce - Community, 2019

Conservation – Commerce – Community, 2019

Experience, 2017

Change, 2016

15 Years, 2014 (Anniversary)

15 Years, 2014 (Anniversary)

Space is the New Luxury, 2014

Cultures on the Move, 2013

10 Years, 2009 (Anniversary)

Why Journeys by Design

Impact Reports

If you would like a soft copy of either of our impact reports, please click on the icons below. The first reports Wild Philanthropy’s impact. The second shares the impact made by the Africa House Group as a whole, including Journeys by Design, Wild Philanthropy and Tekula Capital.

Impact Report 2019-2020

Impact Report 2018-2019