Zuzana Galatova


Zuzana Galatova visits the Mursi in the Omo Valley

Zuzana joined Journeys by Design in May 2016 and is an integral part of the finance department.

Having grown up and schooled in Slovakia, she enrolled on a bachelor degree in Politics and European Studies, graduating in 2008, and then going on to do masters in Regional Development (her dissertation: The Distribution of Funds to European Union Members), after which she worked for the Direction Social Democracy party organising events for heads of regions.

Since leaving Slovakia in 2010, she joined her partner to help set up a deli café in Brighton, and is permanently based in the UK. After a long road of working in many jobs, including a motel receptionist, a senior barista, and assistant head of a language school, she eventually enrolled onto a Universal Accountancy course in Brighton.

She now divides her time between being finance assistant at Journeys by Design, bringing up her children, and travelling to Africa as a means of getting first-hand knowledge of our different destinations.

For all matters financial, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Zuzanna.

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