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"Will and Journeys By Design provided us with a rare glimpse of animals in their natural habitats, dugout canoe adventures, sundowner spectacles and the most stunning birdwatching ever! Every bit of our trip was first class, from booking, arrival, in-camp comfort and meals, wildlife viewing and departure"

Katy Perry

Journeys by Design operates luxury and frontier safaris exclusively in Africa. It arranges short holidays, beach vacations and longer expeditions in 17 countries, all situated in areas that range from the Horn of Africa, down into central Africa and along the eastern coastline, as far west as the Congo, and on into southern Africa.

While each country – and indeed the areas in their respective countries – differs in what it has to offer, what they all share is the fact that they are home to some of the world’s greatest wildernesses. In the semi-arid and arid habitats of the likes of east and southern Africa, it is the savannah that dominates. In Namibia and Sudan, it is the desert. In parts of Rwanda, Uganda and the Congo, it is the mountain. In the Seychelles and the archipelagos of Zanzibar, Quirimbas and Bazaruto archipelagos, it is the sea.

Given the fact that Journeys by Design services so vast an area, each country destination is best visited at certain times of the year, depending on the season. Making the most of the fact that different climates offer different experiences, a Journeys by Design holiday itinerary can span countries, covering anything from a beach experience on Lake Malawi to seeing the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti to staying in a luxury eco-lodge in the Ethiopian highlands.

Generally speaking, the dry seasons are best for travel, whatever the destination. As well as travel being so much easier, the wildlife’s standing water sources are greatly diminished, as is the cover, all of which makes for the increased likelihood of spotting game. However, do note that, for the experienced Africa traveller, the wet season, though harder work, offers a different travel experience, this being the time when animals calve, and when the birdlife is excellent.

Journeys by Design tailor-makes luxury and frontier safaris, vacations and expeditions to a range of Africa-based destinations, ones designed to suit our client’s specific requirements, their choice of accommodation and experience. Over 70% of our business is referred by existing clients, which underlines, we believe, the quality and success of the exclusive travel service we provide.

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