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Specialist Safari Services

Specialist Safari Services

Journeys by Design opened our eyes to a world of experiences we never knew existedRalph Lauren

Journeys by Design stands or falls on the quality of the service it offers. In keeping with the spirit of our aim to create the most remarkable of individualised itineraries, so our ambition is to provide a level of service considered industry-wide as being extraordinary.

A complete travel solution, it is a service that takes as its starting point the importance of forming relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Once established, the planning of an actual itinerary employs the best in the business – be they pilots, guides or types of accommodation. The knowhow, the attention to detail and the style of delivery is, we believe, second to none.


‘70% of all business is repeat or referred which, we hope, underscores the quality of service we provide’

– Will Jones, Founder and CEO

Advanced Safari Preparation

As well as private consultations, home visits, and the drawing up of the safari itinerary, we design – and alert interested individuals, companies and border controls – a door-to-bush schedule. This includes wing-to-wing transfers, and ensures that clients arrive at their initial destinations with the minimum of fuss.

Support Network

Throughout the journey, and depending on the itinerary, clients have at their exclusive disposal an unprecedented level of support. This includes ground vehicles, light aircraft, VIP airport assistance, helicopters, pilots, guides and expert hosts. The team – assembled for the express purpose of a given itinerary – is highly flexible, highly skilled, and extremely well-connected.


In addition to using the very best of that which is available to the luxury travel industry, Journeys by Design represents a handful of private houses and ranches whose owners open their doors to a select group of discerning travellers. Whether based at exclusive stays, or at other more readily available super luxurious lodges, beach houses and boutiques hotels, the accommodation is outstanding in every respect.


Every safari will take place in areas guaranteed to provide clients with an experience that is authentic, personal and private. Most of these destinations’ lodges, camps and ranches operate the lowest ratios of travellers to square kilometres of land found anywhere in Africa. They are all world leaders in the kind of sustainable tourism we support.

Open Black Book

Depending on individual requirements / interests, clients are provided with unrivalled access to the makers and shapers of wild Africa. This may, for example, include a private meeting with palaeontologist Dr Richard Leakey. These contacts come from Will Jones. They are his colleagues, the friends and acquaintances he has made since beginning his work in East Africa. They are a small, significant group of men and women whose reputations precede them, and upon whom the future of wild Africa rests.

Long Range Support

In addition to an on-the-ground support team, clients will have access to an assortment of leading medical, administrative and legal organisations. This will include 24 hour contact with our offices in the UK and the US.

After Care

The return journey is planned and executed with as much care as the rest of the trip, and every effort is made to ensure that clients arrive home fresh, invigorated and inspired.

Bespoke Philanthropic Opportunities

The thinking behind our clients experiencing the very best of wild Africa, and in arranging contact with leading conservationists and policy makers, stems from the belief that we are all – the safari industry, its clients and the host communities – important stakeholders in the maintaining of Africa’s wildernesses. Travellers may discover that they are in a position to contribute – intellectually, professionally or materially. If this is indeed the case, then Journeys by Design is be able to help. Do contact Will Jones for advice on the best way to go about contributing effectively.

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