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Specialist Safari Services

Specialist Safari Services

Journeys by Design opened our eyes to a world of experiences we never knew existedRalph Lauren

Journeys by Design stands or falls on the quality of the service and style of safari it offers. In keeping with the spirit of our aim to create the most remarkable of individualised itineraries, so our ambition is to provide a level of service considered industry-wide as being extraordinary.

A complete travel solution, it’s a service that takes as its starting point the importance of forming relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Once established, the planning of an actual itinerary employs the best in the business – be they pilots, guides or types of accommodation. The knowhow, the attention to detail and the style of delivery is, we believe, second to none.

It is for this reason that we only sell Africa. Africa’s our passion and our area of expertise, and we make no attempt to sell a global product. It is our belief, therefore, that our clients come to us for an in-depth analysis of the continent, of the 18 countries in which we choose to specialise. Given this focus, this level of understanding, we are able to drill down to levels that the competition finds hard to follow, and so offer experiences both unique and extraordinary.

Journey by design At a Glance

  • Journeys by Design provide a ‘Complete Travel Solution’
  • We have unique and special connections (our little black book)
  • We strive to be at the forefront of frontier travel
  • We offer private consultations anywhere in the world
  • We offer VIP airport handling and we use only the very finest private guides, pilots and hosts
  • We pride ourselves on our strong ethical stance on charity and philanthropy.

For more on services and style of safari, please see below.

‘70% of all business is repeat or referred which, we hope, underscores the quality of service we provide’

– Will Jones, Founder and CEO

complete travel solution

Advanced Safari Preparation
As well as private consultations, home visits, and the drawing up of the safari itinerary, we design – and alert interested individuals, companies and border controls – a door-to-bush schedule. This includes wing-to-wing transfers, and ensures that clients arrive at their initial destinations with the minimum of fuss.

All of Journeys by Design’s itineraries are tailor-made. We do not sell set-departure, group tours. With this in mind, our itinerary designs are about creating extraordinary, one-off experiences. Past examples of these types of remarkable experience include:

  • Private invitation to the burial of Haile Selassie, the last Emperor of Ethiopia.
  • Private meeting with the President of Ethiopia, Meles Zinawi, for the Young Presidents Organisation.
  • Invitation to stay with Dr Richard Leakey at his Turkana Basin Institute.
  • A one-of-a-kind world cup itinerary, threading the matches into a journey taking in the very best of wild South Africa.

Some of these experiences are remarkable for their historical provenance, others for the rarity of access granted. All bear testament to our willingness to think out of the box.

Support Network
Throughout the journey, and depending on the itinerary, clients have at their exclusive disposal an unprecedented level of support. This includes ground vehicles, light aircraft, VIP airport assistance, helicopters, pilots, guides and expert hosts. The team – assembled for the express purpose of a given itinerary – is highly flexible, highly skilled, and extremely well-connected.

In addition to using the very best of that which is available to the luxury travel industry, Journeys by Design represents a handful of private houses and ranches whose owners open their doors to a select group of discerning travellers. Whether based at exclusive stays, or at other more readily available super luxurious lodges, beach houses and boutiques hotels, the accommodation is outstanding in every respect.

Every safari will take place in areas guaranteed to provide clients with an experience that is authentic, personal and private. Most of these destinations’ lodges, camps and ranches operate the lowest ratios of travellers to square kilometres of land found anywhere in Africa. They are all world leaders in the kind of sustainable tourism we support.

Open Black Book
Ultimately, it is our little black book of contacts that separates us out from the rest of the crowd – Richard Leakey, for example. Such contacts mean we are able to invite the client into a world of first class academics, professionals and policy makers – a small, significant group of men and women whose reputations precede them, and upon whom the future of wild Africa rests.

Long Range Support
In addition to an on-the-ground support team, clients will have access to an assortment of leading medical, administrative and legal organisations. This will include 24 hour contact with our offices in the UK and the US.

After Care
The return journey is planned and executed with as much care as the rest of the trip, and every effort is made to ensure that clients arrive home fresh, invigorated and inspired.

Philanthropic Opportunities
The thinking behind our clients experiencing the very best of wild Africa, and in arranging contact with leading conservationists and policy makers, stems from the belief that we are all – the safari industry, its clients and the host communities – important stakeholders in the maintaining of Africa’s wildernesses. Travellers may discover that they are in a position to contribute – intellectually, professionally or materially. If this is indeed the case, then Journeys by Design’s sister charity Wild Philanthropy is in the position to help. If you would like to know more, please visit the Wild Philanthropy website or contact Will Jones or Paul Herbertson.

Style of African Safari

While Journeys by Design offers a style of travel that is distinctive, adventurous and aimed firmly at meeting and indeed exceeding individual expectations, the experiences on our portfolio can be divided into two main areas of travel: luxury and frontier.

Luxury Travel
Luxury as a commodity is a much over-used word in the business of travel, and means many things to many people.

For us, for Journeys by Design, it means two things. It is, of course, the offer of an extraordinary level of accommodation, service and travel, a quality apparent in all aspects of a given experience, in the design of and materials used for the building of a lodge, in the breadth and depth of its cellar, the style of menu, the simple authenticity of the activities on offer, the care taken in attending to guests’ needs. However, it is also the story of that experience, a narrative that is all about creating the kinds of journeys that may change lives – distinctive, meaningful, out of the ordinary.

Such experiences, by virtue of their rarity, the level of style and comfort on offer, are intensely luxurious and suit, therefore, the most discerning of clients, ones in search of the very best money can buy. In this respect, the Okavango Delta of Botswana, the highlands of Kenya and the parks of South Africa are the perfect adventure luxury destinations.

Frontier Travel
With Will Jones having spent so much of his time in many of Africa’s more inaccessible wildernesses, Journeys by Design has always striven to be at the forefront of frontier travel. Such travel is always original. It is untried, exciting. It caters to a spirit of adventure that is as much about experiencing a new travelling self as it is areas rarely travelled.

To this end, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Namibia, Sudan, northern Kenya, Mozambique and the Republic of Congo represent our search for original adventure. We have excellent partners on the ground, the very best by way of pioneering expertise, and it is these contacts, these close working relationships, these often lifelong friendships, that have enabled us to seek out the more unusual corners of these countries, areas that others cannot reach. Small surprise, then, that travellers return with the kinds of stories children live for.

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