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Miles from nowhere

Responsibly sourcing the best safaris in the world since 1999

Miles from nowhere

Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park, the Republic of the Congo © Kyle de Nobrega

‘Journeys by Design opened our eyes to a world of experiences
we never knew existed.’ – Ralph Lauren 

Dear Traveller,

Journeys by Design curates a handful of tailormade safaris to Africa each year. Our unique style of safari has positioned us at the forefront of specialist African adventure. Voted one of the top ten ‘super agents’ in the world, we are capable of delivering the most complex and extraordinary of journeys, and are as comfortable with classic luxury as we are with frontier exploration. With over 70% of our business repeat or referred, we have built long-term relationships with our travellers.

Ennedi-Ouest Region © Kyle de Nobrega

Curating the extraordinary

RARE or CLASSIC, the choice of safari is staggering, and can be overwhelming. It is our job to help you cut through the noise of the general safari industry.

Whether it’s a river journey through the Omotic landscapes of southern Ethiopia, travelling with camels through the ancient Nubian kingdom of Sudan, or a classic wildlife safari across the plains of the Serengeti, the waterways of the Okavango Delta, or tracking mountain gorillas of Parc de Volcanes and desert rhino of Namibia, we have the team and skills to deliver on our promise of being able to design and deliver the most complex and exceptional journeys for a range of discerning clients.

It is our understanding of both the destination and you and your family’s expectations – and from this creating the perfect journey – that puts us in a league of the very few.

Kyle de Nobrega

Adventures for nature

We believe values are important in any conversation with Journeys by Design. Having grown up in six African countries and being an environmental scientist, I have committed this business to the service of nature. We are keen not to design just a holiday, but a life changing journey capable of delivering real change.

You will, of course, have the most extraordinary trip, and this is taken as read, and we have built our reputation on the ability to deliver on our promise of the exceptional. However, we are keen not to arrange just a holiday, but rather design a life-changing adventure – for you and your hosts.

Samburu women in northern Kenya

Full of values and purpose, these are true adventures of the heart, where deep emotional connections are made, and where character is formed. Hitting the sweet spot between sustainability, impact, and the very best adventurous holiday, they are the journeys that ask not what we expect of the environment, but rather what the environment now expects of us.

One of a kind

It is for this reason that I believe us to be one of the very few operators that are equipped to design the most extraordinary adventures to Africa, while at the same time manage the process of change that is incumbent upon us. This is what Journeys by Design is – and why our adventures are genuinely different, unique, special.

Do get in touch – tell us your dreams and we will take you miles from nowhere.

Yours sincerely,

Will Jones
Chief Exploration Officer

Mara camp

Please note that Journeys by Design is the founding member of the Africa House Group, which includes our charity Wild Philanthropy, and was set up to transform the way tourism benefits Africa. It does so by connecting potential donor travellers, philanthropists, and impact investors with opportunities to support Africa’s wildernesses.