‘The trip was challenging, exhilarating, and enlightening. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime.’  – Professor Don Johanson, discoverer of Lucy, Australopithecus afarensis

Our story is a simple one. We’ve been selling adventures to Africa since 1999. However, the aim has always been that these adventures contribute much more to the world than they take from it, that our journeys offer the traveller something impossible to get elsewhere, and that travel be an absolute force for the good. Our message: don’t buy this safari unless you know why we’re selling it. Our mantra: travel less, but when you do, travel with purpose.

In order that such travel does what we say it can do, we sell very few safaris. Those that we do are often extremely rare, and give the traveller a deeper, rawer engagement with – and commitment to – the at-risk ecosystems that serve as our destinations. They’re niche, they’re wild, they’re the result of what is probably the most personalised safari design service in the world.   

Done right, travel is the most extraordinary of catalysts for lasting good. It genuinely changes lives, which is why our story – the meaning of our adventures – is about much more than designing safaris. We redistribute our profits into the on-the-ground eco-businesses that are often the hosts of our safaris. We provide the means – via our charitable and social enterprise vehicles – with which to invest in sustainable futures. These are our adventures of the heart. They are why we do what we do.

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