Squack Evans


Something of a super all-rounder and born into a ranching family of self-taught naturalists, Squack Evans is known throughout the industry not just for his top-of-the-pile guiding skills, but also for his wonderful enthusiasm for all things wild. He joined the team as one of our exploration specialist and pro guides in 2022.

Born and bred in Zimbabwe, Squack’s childhood in the remote bush cemented his knowledge and skills at an early age. A term of affection, it is supposed that the moniker ‘Squack’ is taken from royal navy slang for a young child. Certainly, his brother is known as ‘Sprog’, the British army’s equivalent. School done and dusted, he went to work with his uncle in Kenya running camel safaris. After some time travelling Europe and Australia he returned to Zimbabwe, where he sat the first part of his guiding exams and joined Wilderness Safaris working in Hwange National Park.

After completing his training in 2001, Squack returned to northern Kenya, where he guided camel-assisted walking safaris in Laikipia, before cutting his game management teeth in Zambia, and then in Katavi in Tanzania, where he spent two years running an eco-camp. A specialist in walking safaris, an excellent and super modest photographer, Squack has spent the last two decades advising on and guiding safaris in sub-Saharan Africa. Enormously experienced, highly creative, he’s a rare and wonderful addition to the team.

Anything travel-related, please do get in touch with Squack.

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