Mij Evans


Born in southern Germany into what she describes as an idyllic rural village life, Mij Evans moved to Nakuru in Kenya with her family at the age of 10, and then later to Nairobi, where she completed her schooling.

Apart from leaving to work briefly in the UK and to read Political Science at Freie Universitaet Berlin in Germany, Mij has spent all her working life in East Africa, first in Arusha in Tanzania and then back to Nairobi before settling in Nanyuki, where she lives with her partner Squack Evans and their two children. In between all this, she managed to earn herself a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management, graduating in 2016. She joined Journeys by Design in 2022.

Super organised, extremely detailed, a composite all rounder, and adventurous, Mij has worked in both the safari and NGO worlds, first handling sales and logistics for an on-the-ground safari outfit in Tanzania and then for the international parliamentary association AWEPA in Nairobi, where her remit included liaison, communications, logistics, administrative and finance management for projects in Sudan and Somalia, and involved frequent travel to South Sudan and Djibouti. In 2011, Mij and Squack set up their own safari company, where she was involved in everything from strategy to design to operations to finance.

As Travel Design Partner for Journeys by Design, Mij provides essential support for Squack and the wider team, designing itineraries, helping with logistics, and advising on pro guide and exploration specialist strategy. Her vast Africa knowledge and experience and her wonderful disposition, one marked by a great sense of humour, makes her an indispensable member of the team. We are jolly lucky to have her on board.

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