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One of our favourite camps in the Lower Zambezi National Park, Sausage Tree, a well established lodge combining a unique blend of design, activities and wildlife, is the brainchild of Jason Mott. Located in the Chifungulu area, the camp is sited along the banks of the Lower Zambezi National Park. Along with the quality game sightings the canoeing is an absolute must.

Sausage Tree Camp Zambia Game Deck

You will find eight luxurious white Bedouin style tents positioned along the riverbank under the shade of mature sausage and mahogany trees. Carefully positioned to ensure there is adequate surrounding space, the tents are cool and airy, with large open to the skies en-suite bathrooms. Ask for the honeymoon suite if you would like the best room.

From the main bar and dining room there is a deck that stretches out over the river bank. At one end of the deck a fire is lit in the evenings – a wonderful place to sit after dinner to watch the passing wildlife traffic. The overall style and décor of Sausage Tree Camp is comfortable, stylish and relaxed.

The camp has a fleet of boats, which they use to navigate the river and tributaries flowing off the Zambezi escarpment. Exceptional concentration of elephant, hippo and buffalo are to be seen here, particularly in the dry months (September / October), congregating along the river banks.

Best time to visit: May to October and combines well with South Luangwa National Park and Victoria Falls.

Sausage Tree Camp Zambia Game Dining Tent Sunset

Ethical Information

Sausage Tree Camp supports Conservation Lower Zambezi, a nongovernmental organisation which supports the Zambian Wildlife Authority and local communities to protect the wildlife and habitat of the Lower Zambezi National Park.



Education – for both children and adults – is key to the future preservation of our environment. CLZ was granted a wonderful opportunity to create an educational programme with generous funding from DANIDA in the period from 2005 – 2007. In that time almost all the school children within the huge area covered by the operation have been reached and taught how important it is for all our futures to look after the scarce resources we have.

CLZ is undertaking an Environmental Education Programme (EEP) within the Chiawa, Chongwe, Rufunsa and Luangwa areas (the Zambezi Valley). CLZ was founded in 1994 to help support ZAWA with the extra resources they needed for anti-poaching. By 2004, a conservation education programme was designed to cover the area through which the project is active. We all felt that if we did not educate and involve the local community, the destructive cycle of poaching would never be broken.


After requests from the Chiawa Community. CLZ facilitated and held a meeting at the Base Camp in November 2006 to determine, document and map human animal conflicts in the LZ.
With DANIDA funding CLZ has carried out conflict mitigation activities such as chili fencing projects with willing farmers in the Chiawa GMA.
CLZ supported an African Wildlife Foundation initiative in the Chiawa area educating the local community on how to protect their valuable crops from foraging elephants using this cost-effective deterrent method. Lectures and workshops both at CLZ and in the field were run, teaching farmers how to construct the fences using pieces of cloth soaked in oil and home-grown chilies.


In order to enforce domestic wildlife protection legislation the Zambian Wildlife Authorities (ZAWA) organise anti-poaching teams to patrol the Lower Zambezi National Park (LZNP) and the surrounding game management areas (GMAs).

Sausage Tree Camp Zambia Fishing

To find out more about Sausage Tree Camp and to arrange your tailor-made trip, get in touch with us today.

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