Above and beyond

By Sophy Roberts

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Writing for Financial Times’s How To Spent It magazine, Sophy Roberts spends time travelling around Kenya by helicopter and small plane.

‘I am in the heart of Africa’s Great Rift Valley without a soul on the horizon’, she begins. ‘It affords a perspective like nothing else on earth’. Being flown by Tropic Air, Journeys by Design’s choice company when undertaking an aerial itinerary in Africa, is true luxury. Sophy describes some of the safaris possible by air including a 14-day extravaganza across Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Ben Simpson, a Tropic Air Pilot assures us that they don’t offer lodge hopping, but a flying safari. ‘You get to explore’, he goes on to say, ‘and see the wilderness’s staggering variety.’

If you’re interested in planning a luxury helicopter safari through Africa, please do get in touch and one of our destination specialists would be happy to begin the journey with you.

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