Journeys by Design

Arijiju Crookes And Jackson
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Blue Water Life presents Journey by Design as a luxury and frontier African safari specialist in this summary that focuses on two destinations; Laikipia in Northern Kenya and Ethiopia.

A land of striking landscapes, Ethiopia ranges from the Simien Mountains and Bale – both home the Ethiopian wolf – to the Danakil Depression – one of the hottest places on the earth where the volcanic desert landscape ensures the thriving age-old salt trade – and Lalibela, famous for it’s rock-hewn churches and allegedly home to the Ark of the Covenant.

Arijiju in Northern Kenya is hard to see from air such is the effort of its design nestled so inconspicuously into the hillside. It is one of five private homes on Borana and helps to protect the resident black rhinos on the conservancy through its annual levies.

If you are interested in a luxuary African safari holiday that includes a trip to Arijiju or Ethiopia, please do get in touch and one of our destination specialists would be happy to talk through the options.