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Kizingoni Villas

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Located on Lamu Island, along 24 acres of beach beach, Kizingoni is a collection of 7 beach houses, which operate on a turn-key system, and offer luxury accommodation for families, groups and individuals.

All the houses are modern Arab-Swahili builds, and tend to possess walled outdoor spaces, terraces and thatched roofing. Inspired by a fusion of Lamu and Middle Eastern styles, the interiors are designed along strong, simple lines. Infinity pools, carved plasterwork and spaces accentuated by single, functional objects all serve to underline an element of courtly elegance. Shared features include massage rooms, pool tables, multiple baraza areas, kitchens, dining zones and large gardens.


The houses are also different from each other.

Kizingoni House

With its thatch terrace roofs, is a much more compact build than some of its neighbours.

Wazi Dubu

Located furthest to the east, is a more like a court, and it’s raised shared areas – dining, baraza and breakfast roof – act as counterpoint to the main house. The lower, open fronted

Kuni Jogoo

Lower than Wazu Dabu and open fronted, it has a more traditional beach house feel to it. Its garden literally runs onto the beach.

Pepo House

Three stories high and similar in build to Kizingoni, but possesses an open air terrace reminiscent of those found in Marrakesh.


Named after the areas trading dhows, is another low build and cleaned out interiors give views that stretch from the front entrance door to the back garden.


If Wazi Dubu seems big, then Kizingoni’s latest addition, Kaskasi, is positively huge, and its four towers make a special feature out of the pool, which is raised and surrounded by a makuti roofed terrace.


The last of the houses, Kusini, looks down a stretch pool, through a large gate and out onto the sea.

Each house of Kizingoni possesses its own set of staff, is centrally managed by Celia Keck, and much is made by visitors of the quality of service, which manages to be both highly attentive and unobtrusive.

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