Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo Areas



One comes to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for remote and little-explored wilderness, of course, so it is no surprise – actually it’s an essential feature – that accommodation is not abundant. In fact, Journeys by Design offers stays primarily at Virunga National Park’s Mikeno Lodge, meaning there are no conventional hotels, camps, lodges, resorts or villas on offer. What a place Mikeno is, however: a luxury lodge with comfortable and stylish bungalows and excellent facilities including restaurant, bar and shared lounge. One couldn’t ask for a better base.

Thus, the main area to visit is Virunga, but again that is hardly a limitation. Africa’s oldest and most biologically-diverse reserve, its forests, grasslands, mountains, lakes and (perhaps above all) gorilla and elephant have led to its designation as a UNESCO site. It presents the opportunity to experience Africa as its most real, and indeed to have a direct and beneficial effect, since the park is currently under threat from proposed drilling projects, making tourist and international attention essential.

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