The Wild Philanthropists

By Sophy Roberts

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Sophy Roberts tells of her trip to Gambella National Park, in west Ethiopia, a stronghold for buffalo, nile lechwe and the shoebill stork.

Sophy outlines part of Wild Philanthropy‘s agenda, which is to use the income made by conscientious travellers to fund anti-poaching efforts. Far off the beaten track from any classic luxury safari and wading through thick swamps, she opens with a story of an Ethiopia Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA) anti-poaching team happening upon the carcasses of five African elephants.

Sophy goes on to describe and explain the plight of elephants for their tusks and the organisations – Northern Rangelands Trust, African Parks, Friedkin Conservation Fund and the likes – behind efforts to curb poaching at all cost: these are the organisations that Wild Philanthropy helps fund.

For more information or to enquire about the trips that Wild Philanthropy organises please do get in touch.

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