Desert Rose, Sudan

By Mike Carter

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Mike Carter writes about Journeys by Design first launching holidays to Sudan for the Life and Arts section of the Financial Times. Please note this article was written in 2012.

Sudan lost its title of ‘biggest country on the African continent’ in 2011, when civil war caused its now neighbour South Sudan to become the world’s newest State. Mike tells us that upon telling friends he was off to Sudan, he was often given the response, ‘why?’ In Desert Rose he tells us, which involves the encountering of Sufi holy men in one of the necropolises of the ancient kingdom of Kush, visiting the pyramids of the ancient city of Meroe and attending a wedding proving what he had read about Sudanese people being among the most hospitable and friendly in the world to be true.

Do have a read of Mike’s piece or book a holiday to Sudan, please get in touch with one of our destination specialists.

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