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Time moves fast. It feels like only yesterday that we posted a blog announcing JbD’s new website. That was four years ago. Since then, Journeys by Design has moved to Africa House, doubled in size, and has Wild Philanthropy as its sister charity.

As anyone who’s done it knows, deciding to make a new website is more than a digital upheaval. It’s change in the real world. It’s making decisions that you would most likely not have made – at least not now. It’s a fresh look at identity. It’s thinking about your story, the now of you, and where you’re heading. It’s big stuff.

Inevitably, therefore, and especially when it comes to a site like JbD, which is fast approaching 1,500 pages, the decision to make a change constitutes a seriously involved process, one that requires not just a head for numbers and for the world of SEO analytics, but also for the language of web design, and for the communication skills required for bringing everyone to together. All this in a company made up of individuals who are frequently on the move, elsewhere, in Africa.

Wonderful, then, that we’ve made it, and made something that’s informative, beautiful, functional, and original. I’m very pleased with it, and especially grateful to Simon Morris, whose creativity and picture editing informs much of the site’s look and feel, and to Neptik, who designed and built the site, and who have been magnificent when it came to sorting the final bits and pieces that make the rebuilding of one’s digital house a finished project.

Please do have a look, and if you like what you see, have a play. Surf, download a brochure, subscribe to our blog (below), enquire using our contact form, or give us a call.

The Neptik team

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