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From Cape to Cairo: U-Dream Global dreams big

Thursday, 22nd August, 2019


I was in two minds as to whether to pull this story. It’s both wonderful and incredibly sad. It’s the true story of how a bunch of teenagers built and flew a plane from Cape Town to Cairo, and it’s the equally true story of how two project directors of U-Dream Global, the operation behind…

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A fine move: Royal Portfolio expands into Gorongosa

Sunday, 11th August, 2019


I was both intrigued and delighted to learn that Liz Biden and Royal Portfolio are set to open their first property outside of South Africa – in Gorongosa National Park, in Mozambique. For those of you new to the product, Royal grew out of a decision to turn a family home into Royal Malewane, with…

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Goodbye Simon Morris

Tuesday, 6th August, 2019

Kenya-Simon Morris-1-2

To say goodbye, Simon had to write me a letter, which he read from. It was a beautiful letter. Such is the depth of our relationship, I cried inside. I knew he had to go, to follow his dreams, but I didn’t want him to go. In truth, Simon was never designed to sit at…

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Pregnant again: a rare white giraffe is in calf – for the second time

Friday, 21st June, 2019

white giraffe

Among all the difficult and pressing issues facing conserving African wildernesses and wildlife, news last week that a Kenya-based leucistic Rothschild (Nubian) giraffe is once again in calf provides a brief and wonderful respite. First reported on by villagers in the Ishaqbini Hirola Sanctuary in north-east Kenya, anecdotal sightings of a white giraffe were corroborated by Ishaqbini…

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From panhandle to Maun: Mike Carter of the Financial Times travels the length of the Okavango Delta

Monday, 25th March, 2019

Botswana Helicopter Hannah Rayner

Just a quick note to alert you to the Financial Times’s Mike Carter’s most recent piece Water world, which sees him traverse the 160-mile length of the Okavango Delta in the company of guide Simon Byron. Lasting a week, full of incident, it serves as the most interactive of introductions to what Carter calls ‘one…

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Catch the Drift: Conde Nast Traveller’s Peter Browne sails the Lamu blue

Friday, 15th March, 2019


Peter Browne’s Catch the Drift has just come out in  Conde Nast Traveller‘s April edition. It’s a long and languorous piece about sailing the Lamu Archipelago. Journeys by Design organised the Browne’s trip and I can’t think of anyone better suited to capture it’s slow-paced beauty. I’ll leave it for you to read for yourself…

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The experience of space: Stanley Stewart shines a light on Namibia’s Kaokaland

Tuesday, 8th January, 2019

Gold List Conde Nast

Stanley Stewart’s latest piece for Conde Nast Traveller is entitled Title Track. It’s a beautiful account of his travels through the vast and ostensible emptiness of Namibia’s Kaokoland, and begins in typical Stewartesque fashion: ‘We were at breakfast when the Queen of Sheba appeared.’ Travelling largely by private mobile, Stewart’s experience of Kaokoland is an…

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Will Jones: home visits and his 2018 US Itinerary

Friday, 23rd November, 2018


Just a quick note to say that I will be going on my annual visiting of US clients, friends and colleagues, starting a week tomorrow. For all its wonderful benefits, technology will never replace the nuances of what it means to meet face-to-face. Personally, I like nothing more than a kitchen table, a map, and…

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Remembering Great Apes: the launch, the book, and the fight against forgetting

Tuesday, 23rd October, 2018

Rembering Great Apes Book

Last week a group of us hightailed it to London, to Le Galleria, in Pall Mall, for the photography exhibition of Born Free and Wildlife Photographer United’s Remembering Great Apes, a coffee table book featuring the work of over 50 wildlife photographers. A kickstarter funded enterprise, with all photographs donated, it is the third in…

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Taking part: Conde Nast Traveller’s Stanley Stewart gets his tracking boots on

Friday, 12th October, 2018

In a long-ranging roundup – in this month’s Conde Nast Traveller – of some of Namibia’s finest new properties, Stanley Stewart’s Catch-a-fire makes much space for the art of the tracker and what it brings out in the traveller. Anyone, he says, ‘can sip sundowners and peer at zebra through binoculars. Put in a couple…

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