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The Regina Pearl is located in the seaside town of Aného, close to the border with Benin and recognised for its cultural and historic importance. As the town’s first boutique hotel, the Regina is one of the most sophisticated hotel offerings along Togo’s coast outside of Lomé.


The Regina Pearl is sandwiched between Lake Togo and the Gulf of Guinea, and is just a few minutes walk from sandy Grand Popo beach. Its 31 rooms are found over several floors flanking a courtyard, with the hotel’s swimming pool located at its centre. Other amenities include two restaurants, a bar, spa, and meeting rooms. The decor is crisp and modern, with a touch of African design noted in the furniture, accessories, and artwork. WiFi is available throughout. 

Service and Food

Service at the Regina is notably refined, with hotel staff priding themselves on their sense of Togolese hospitality. Its two restaurants include the gastronomical Chez Modesto, which fuses international cuisine with local flavours. Here, guests can choose to dine either inside where air-conditioning is available, or on the restaurant’s leafy terrace. The Rail Grill, so named as it sits on the historical Lomé – Aného railway line, offers a wide selection of fish, seafood and meats cooked over a wood fire. The hotel’s bar also has a wide selection of beers, spirits and wines, including several champagnes. 


The hotel offers three room sizes and four types of suites. Standard, Upper, and Executive rooms come with queen-sized beds, air-conditioning, TV, kettle, minibar, refrigerator, and en suites. Their main distinction being the slight increase in size respectively. The Ambassador Suite and the Ministerial Suites come with all the above amenities, though are larger again, and include king-sized beds and coffee machine. Finally, the Bridal Suite and Prestige Suites provide all the trappings of the other suites plus a jacuzzi. 


The Rail Grill is known for hosting cultural events including live music, while the pool table and hotel spa both provide alternative options for unwinding. The Regina is also affiliated with the Sir W Event Centre, located on the beach, approximately a kilometre from the hotel, where a variety of business and cultural events are often held. 

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