Footsteps Across The Delta

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Operating out of northern Botswana, on a private concession in the northern most reaches of the Okavango Delta, and very much in keeping with the tradition of the old African safari, Footsteps Across The Delta is another piece of original thinking from Ker & Downey.

Roughly an hour’s drive from the local Shinde airstrip, and currently set on a small lagoon (regulations mean the camp must move every 3 years), Footsteps is a no frills, yet delightful and highly efficient, tented camp consisting of a mess tent and 3 sleeping tents. The mess area is very simple – bar, seating area, dining table – and the focus here is on creating a family like atmosphere – clients bound together by the shared experience, by the lack of everyday distractions. Key to this is a finely stocked bar, ice, an excellent cuisine and a service to match. Much time is spent outside, dining beneath the stars, exchanging notes around an open fire.

The three simple and eminently practical tents have sewn-in ground sheets and twin beds, which can be pushed together to form doubles. There is a small interlinking corridor to a long-drop toilet tent to the rear, and a separate shower tent where hot water is filled into canvas shower bags on request.

The activties focus on exploring the concession in mokoros (best from June onwards) and on foot. Seeing game this way is a real treat. The majority of today’s safaris are spent in vehicles, so the chance to stretch one’s legs and strike out across the plains is a real delight. The walks are designed to highlight the aspects of safari that the vehicle often drowns out – sound, smell, spoor and subtlety. Walking is about exploration and discovery, and suits all ages. Please note: Footsteps Across The Delta offers a Young Explorers Delta package, which focuses on children as young as 7.

The set up at Footsteps has little to do with extras and amenities found in of many of Africa’s lodges and hotels, so please be advised: those in search of gold tap luxury will be disappointed. If, however, you are looking to escape the crowds, and want to see a part of Africa rarely seen, then we cannot recommend Footsteps Across The Delta highly enough.

Ethical Information

The Ker & Downey Ethos
At Ker & Downey, we are committed to providing guests the highest quality wildlife and adventure safari experience, whilst preserving the delicate environment and natural beauty of Botswana. We constantly strive to maintain standards of excellence within the industry whilst fostering economic and social development of the local communities and Botswana as a whole.

Our Responsibilities – Bana Ba Letsatsi

As part of its social responsibility programme Ker & Downey supports Bana Ba Letsatsi.
Bana Ba Letsatsi

We are based in Maun, Northern Botswana, and run a centre that supports over 250 vulnerable, at-risk and orphaned children and youths. Bana Ba Letsatsi was registered as an NGO in 2004 and we have grown every year since, offering more help to more children in need.
Some of our children have never been to school or dropped out early; others suffer physical and sexual abuse, abuse drugs and alcohol, work underage, beg and/or lack parental care. Our centre offers a place of safety for education and counselling, providing food, medical attention, clothes, showers, training, haircuts and meeting any other needs encountered by the children.

The core of what we do remains the same as in 2004 – we try to keep the children off the streets and away from danger by providing a safe environment for them. However we have grown considerably and are now able to provide the kind of care that every child should receive – clothes, food, showers, counselling, medical attention, haircuts, education, games and training, as well as meeting any additional requirements.
In 2009, a relationship with Safari Operator Ker & Downey was developed. They have chosen BBL as their preferred charity to support in Botswana, creating a safari package in our name whereby we receive a percentage every time this safari is sold. At the end of 2009 Ker & Downey took 24 of our children (aged 7-13 years old) into the bush to stay at their Footsteps Camp. For the children who attended it was a chance to learn about the bush and the wonderful wildlife in their country (at the hands of the ever patient and enthusiastic guide, Paul) and to establish hopes and dreams for future careers in the safari industry. Another 24 children will go this year.

To find out more about Footsteps Across The Delta and to arrange your tailor-made trip, get in touch with us today.

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