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Nothing quite like it: the De Leener family trip

Tuesday, 5th February, 2019

Erika De Leener Lions Yawning

Recently, I had the privilege of putting together an itinerary for the De Leener family, a lovely bunch of people who have travelled with us twice before. Having created a couple of journeys for them previously, I had quite a good idea of what they were looking for in a safari and got to work….

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The Seven Wonders of Africa: a guided walk through Samburu National Park

Tuesday, 30th October, 2018

Samburu Hannah Rayner

Welcome to the fourth of our Seven Wonders of Africa series, as chosen by the Journeys by Design team. This time round, it’s Hannah Rayner. Having been to a variety of countries in Africa, I found it exceedingly difficult to choose just one highlight. I’m fortunate enough to have visited a lot of extraordinary places…

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Touched by the past: Hannah shares the uniqueness of Mahale once again

Tuesday, 4th September, 2018


It’s been just under four years since I undertook the JbD Brochure’s September Experience and went chimp trekking at Mahale in western Tanzania. I wrote a blog about my trip shortly after I returned – feel free to have a read for a more detailed recollection. This time, while most of what I have to…

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Home of the Walking Safari

Monday, 22nd June, 2015

South Luangwa walking safari, Zambia, Bushcamp

You may remember my going to Africa for the first time, to Zambia, the experience, the misconceptions, the extraordinary sights, but what I didn’t share at the time was nearly enough of what it was like to actually walk the wilds there, something that, unusually for most countries, is allowed in the parks as much…

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Wednesday, 10th June, 2015

Babylonstoren Cottage, Winelands, South Africa

To begin at the beginning. Let me say this: Babylonstoren is extraordinary. It’s not a hotel, at least not in the usual sense. Nor is it new or unheard of. In fact, it’s been there in some form or other since the 1690’s. Rather, it’s one of a kind, a gem of a place, very…

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Tanzania’s Mountain Paradise: Hannah goes to Mahale

Wednesday, 6th May, 2015

Greystoke Mahale trek, Tanzania

If you don’t know it already, then hear this: Tanzania is wonderful, huge and welcoming, and blessed with more than its fair share of parks and reserves, most obviously the Serengeti, but also Tarangire, the Selous, beautiful Ruaha and super wild Katavi, all of which I was lucky enough to visit last November. However, while indeed…

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The Magic of Tswalu: Hannah and good friend Sophie Young make a very special trip

Tuesday, 2nd September, 2014

Tswalu, Kalahari, South Africa, Sophie Young

While I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited a number of countries in Africa, I’d never had the opportunity to do so with a close friend, someone I already knew and whose company I’ve enjoyed on numerous previous occasions. Perfect, then, that on my most recent visit to South Africa I was accompanied by great…

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Changing Hearts: Hannah goes shark-cage diving

Wednesday, 16th April, 2014

GreatWhiteSharks, Cape Town, South Africa

I have to confess: Previous to last month I’m afraid my general feeling about sharks – the great white, in particular – was that they are not an easy to like species of fish. Like everyone, I’ve seen Jaws. Not like everyone I have a partner who is genuinely terrified by the notion of the…

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Pinpoint Joys, Lessons Learnt: Hannah goes hell for leather in Kenya

Thursday, 27th February, 2014

I like to think of myself as a reasonably travel-wise individual. I plan. I take precautions. I am open to the right sort of experiences. However, as my recent trip to Kenya shows, there is, after all, such a thing as too much of a good thing. Hint: My itinerary was a small book. Kenya…

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Cutting Teeth: Hannah makes Zambia her first trip to Africa

Tuesday, 4th February, 2014

Africa. I’m JbD’s newbie, and it’s not like I haven’t been anywhere, but the thought of travelling to there, for the first time, in the company of complete strangers, left me feeling both excited and nervous. I remember researching Zambia as a means of preparing myself, which it did, to a degree, but as I…

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