Paige Ethington Hardy – US Representative

Paige’s experience of well organised luxury travel began as a Washington DC based PA for the Kentucky State Senator, where, among her many responsibilities, she managed the Kentucky senate office’s travel arrangements.

From Washington DC, Paige would go on to work in New York, for Hermes, before, having met Will whilst on safari in Kenya, she decided that travel – and African travel in particular – was where she wanted to concentrate her considerable talents.

Paige joined Journeys by Design in 2005. An invaluable friend and partner, her role has been to represent the company’s considerable interests in the US. An indefatigable planner, superbly organised, Paige is responsible for handling initial contacts, scouting new areas of business, hunting down new luxury properties and supporting the Journey by Design’s charitable arm.

Paige’s current areas of expertise are Kenya and Tanzania.