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Gladys Letuolo


One of Serian’s three female Masaai guides, Gladys Letuolo joined the outfit in 2013 and stands as a pioneering example of African women breaking into a hitherto male dominated industry.

Born and raised in the Masaai Mara, Gladys owes her love for conservation and guiding to her mother, who used the proceedings from conservancy-based family plots of land to support and educate her children. With first-hand experience of the significance of the conservancy as conservation model, she applied to Koiyaki Guiding School. After interning at Serian (2011/12), she graduated as a guide in 2013, upon which she joined the company full-time.

Serian’s ‘first lady’ guide, Gladys champions women in conservation at every turn, arguing for gender equality in every department, be that guiding, working a s a chef or managing lodges. Super respected, she’s loved by travellers, her knowledge, her attention to detail and her sense of adventure exactly the qualities they seek out in their guides.

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