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Working out of her own eco-lodge in Laikipia in northern Kenya, Anne Powys is a fantastic guide, her prodigious knowledge of East Africa’s flora offering clients a rare insight into how ecosystems work.

Born into a cattle farming family, Anne’s natural classroom has always been the Laikipian bush, a learning that has seen her found the Suyian Trust, become a research associate at the National Museums of Kenya, serve as Unit Director for Laikipia West, establish a successful ecotourism project, publish a range of ethnobotanical books, and consult for the likes of the Northern Rangelands Trust. As if this were not enough, she plans to publish her findings on the indigenous plants of the country as a record for the people of Kenya.

A member of the Kenya Professional Guides Association, Anne has been guiding for the last 17 years, and guides clients throughout East Africa. In 2008 she designed and built her own private eco-lodge on her family’s cattle ranch, and has been running, hosting and guiding safaris there ever since.

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