You wanna get high?

By Rodney Bolt

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Rodney Bolt tells us of his ultimate luxury helicopter safari through Ethiopia – ‘one minute you’re above the clouds taking in vast plains and mountains and the next you’ve swooped in for an eye-popping close-up.’

Piloted by Ben Simpson of Tropic Air, Bolt is taking from Addis to the Northern Town of Mekele and then out northwards to the famous rock-hewn churches to share the scenery with no-one but farmers forking straw who look to be something out of a biblical scene and Gelada monkeys and ground hornbills. bolt tells us of the fascinating history of the area in which King Soloman and the Queen of Sheba play an integral role before flying onwards to the Simien Mountains.

Do have a read of this fascinating tale or to plan a helicopter safari through the highlands of Ethiopia please get in touch with one of our destination specialists.

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