Wild Kingdom

By Richard Story

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Departures Magazine visits luxury safari lodge Singita Sasakwa in the Grumeti Reserve’s in the Serengeti, Tanzania.

‘Conservation’, explains Luke Bailes, whose prestigious Singita group manages the Grumeti Reserves, ‘takes three things: wildlife, community, tourism.’ It’s not only the majesty of views, architecture of the lodge or limitless of the Serengeti plains that impresses Departures’ writer, but also the dedication of the Singita group to conservation. The investment in the three camps here is said to be around US$ 45 million and every inch of it is used to forward the conservation efforts. The writer describes being too lost in the infinite number of worlds here to answer the simple question: gin and tonic or pimms?

Journeys by Design offer trips to Northern Tanzania including to the Singita portfolio. Do have a read of the article or if you would like to talk to one of our destination specialists about planning a holiday here then please do get in touch.

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