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When Ugandan-born Jonathan Wright was approached by President Museveni during a bid to tempt back Asians into the country following Idi Amine’s regime that expelled many, he asked himself whether he would be welcome, to which he was told yes.

Jack Barker’s quest was in Semliki National Park where Jonathan Wright has formed The Uganda Safari Company. Since the end of Amine’s regime, which paid little heed to investing in national parks and brought about the decimation of many populations of wildlife – the Ugandan kob for example hitting no more than 60 individuals by the end – these species and national parks have begun to make a come back. The Buffalo in Semliki, which, at the end of Amine’s regime number no more than 40, are over 1,000, the Ugandan Kob 8,000. ‘As the company’s network of luxury lodges spreads, it’s hoped that the income will regenerate once traumatised areas of the natural world.’

Do have a read of Jonathan’s safari adventure or to book a luxury safari holiday to Uganda’s Semliki, please get in touch with one of our destination specialists. If you’re interested in learning more about how tourism can generate income for at-risk ecosystems please visit Wild Philanthropy.

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