Wild at heart

By Catherine Fairweather

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Photographed by Don McCullen, Catherine Fairweather immerses herself into the remote wilderness of the Serengeti from the comfort of luxury safari lodge, Mwiba.

Fairweather explains that though they at first missed the great migration in the northern Lamai triangle, there is much to see on the various walks and drives through this ‘surrealist’s dreamscape’ with Magritte-style clouds. She even has the chance to experience wildlife viewing from a hot air balloon. It’s Legendary’s determination and a 40-minute charter to to Seranera, the current epicentre of the migration, that finds Fairweather surrounded by marching herds of wilderbeest.

Do have a read or to plan a holiday to the Serengeti in style do get in touch with one of our destination specialists and we’d be happy to build an itinerary to include Mwiba Lodge among some other classic luxury safari lodges in the northern Tanzania circuit.

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