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By Lisa Grainger

Arijiju Verandah by Dook
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Lisa Grainger describes what makes Arijiju, set in the Central Laikpia Highlands of Kenya, such a special place.

One of four private houses in the Borana conservancy and set in the side of a hill with visceral views of Mount Kenya, Arijiju is as understated as its owner, former investment banker turned conservation enthusiast. ‘If it weren’t for a dark blue infinity pool reflecting the African sky and bank of solar panels’, Lisa explains, ‘the house would simply vanish into the hills’. The idea to hide the house as much as possible was initiated as a means to keep local wildlife undisturbed as well as avoiding a ‘king of the castle’ type places as the owner explains. ‘I wanted it to be tucked into the ground…like one of those Ethiopian churches.’

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