What a funny, blissful place this is

By AA Gill

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AA Gill sets out for an adventure to Mozambique’s luxury beach island, Vamizi.

Things don’t immediately go to plan – in setting off half a day before planned and hoping to get an extra day’s worth of beach action, Gill gets stranded in Dar es Salaam for an extra night with a host of other would-be passengers who fit into one of a few categories including adventure trekkers with backpacks bigger than 5-year-olds, Germans waiting to shoot things, Americans do-gooding for God or African high-fliers clutching NGO conference bags advertising AIDS, sleeping sickness or malaria. But beach reached and all’s forgotten. Gill proclaims this to be a blissful place. ‘Travel writers’, Gill writes, ‘tend to be snooty about beaches, but I think they miss the deep therapeutic mystery of beaches.’ Gill calls Vamizi Island ‘a pearl in a thousand miles of crushed shell.’

To read more of AA Gills story, please click the link above or feel free to get in touch with one of our destination specialists if you’d like to plan a trip to the Island of Vamizi.

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