Villa incognito

By Alice B-B

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In Villa Incognito, Alice B-B talks of the 21 months, 400 builders, a renowned architect and landscape designer that it took to put together a property that is effectively hidden from both land and air.

In this sense Arijiju, found in Borana Conservancy in the Laipikia Central Highlands of Kenya, remains as mysterious as its owner, who prefers to remain unnamed. But delve deeper and you’ll find the bits that put this luxury lodge in its own league: the courtyard, with scents of rose and lavender, are informed by a monastery in the south of France, the overall structure by Ethiopia’s rock-hewn churches. All of this overlooks a view of Mount Kenya.

And as if the the quad biking, cycling, horse riding, tennis courts, squash courts, gym and yoga platform isn’t enough, Borana and neighbouring ranch, Lewa, is also home to 70 white rhino and 90 black. ‘The density of wildlife’, Alice tells us, ‘is second only to the Maasai Mara.’

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