Top of their game

By Peter Browne

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Peter Browne describes his time in Tanzania visiting Katavi and Mahale Mountains National Park.

Famous for it’s crocodiles and hippos, Browne describes the latter, burnt and ratty, lining the last mud pools of Katavi after a particularly long dry season and the frenzy of mud wallowing and vying for space in the remnants of last years rains that ensued. He describes a classic situation of being held captive in the mess tent for the evening by a lone bull elephant nobody saw arrive. Next stop was Greystoke at Mahale Mountains National Park, notoriously remote and difficult to get to but whose reputation is something of a modern day Eden. A family of habituated chimpanzees are the star act and lake Tanganyika and forest surrounds the set. This itinerary is a luxury safari like no other.

If you are interested in a holiday to Tanzania with an itinerary that includes Chada Katavi and Greystoke Mahale please do get in touch and one of our destination specialists would be happy to begin planning it with you.

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