The rift that heals

By Lucia van der Post

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Lucia van der Post tells of the intense tragedy and joy of Author, Kuki Gallman living in the Kenya Great Rift Valley.

After enduring unbearable grief from the loss of not only her husband in a car crash, but also her son from a deadly snakebite, Kuki and her daughter Sveva were left surrounded by the beauty of the great rift valley in Kenya where they lived and with life to spare, but with an overbearing grief from their losses. And this is when they dared to dream again. ‘after the tears and loss’, Kuki tells us, ‘I had to make something creative happen.’ Kuki and daughter Sveva established the Gallman Memorial Foudnation, which is used expressly as a platform for people in need of some form respite to come and spend time in the Rift Valley, which Kuki sees as a healing ground for those that are downcast.

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