The other Somalia

By Stanley Stewart

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Stanley Stuart tells of his time venturing through Somaliland in The Other Somalia.

Not your typical safari stopover, Somaliland has a relationship with its counter, Somalia, much like that of Jacob and Esau. Whilst Somaliland is a free and peaceful state, it is not recognised by the African Union or by the rest of the world as an independent state from Somalia, for worry of opening a ‘Pandora’s box of tribal tensions’. The irony is that while the failed state of Somalia is recognised as an international state, with many al-Shabab bases and a government that barely functions, peaceful Somaliland remains a country that doesn’t exist. Stanley Stewart’s journey highlight the peace by which locals live by. Filled with a rich history and culture dating back to even before the time of Moses, Stewart’s journey goes from desert through city and scrub.

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