The lady of Nairobi

By Mark Shand

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Mark Shand tells of how Anna Trzebinski came to build luxury Northern Frontier District camp Ngabolo Namunyak in The lady of Nairobi.

When Anna Trzebinski and her husband Tonio once watched the wood from a shipwreck of a tea dhow washing up on the shores of the Kenyan coast they saw it as a sign. Using the wood that they could salvage, they built a house with what they found. A year after her husband’s death, Anna was trekking through the central highlands and came across a tribe of Samburu, one of who stood out and later became her husband. She described Lemarti as the incarnation of a quote by Karen Blixen about Africa being ‘of unparalleled greatness, freedom, integrity.’ Anna sold four of her late husband’s paintings to build her camps.

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