The good life – Mike Carter

By Mike Carter

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Mike Carter joins the Hadza in Tanzania with Dorobo for an unobtrusive, genuine tribal safari experience.

Found in the Yaeda Valley, South of Lake Eyasi, Northern Tanzania are the Hadza, one of two of the last true hunter-gatherer tribes on Earth. Mike describes the Hadza as a people who live the same way that we as homonids have for 99% for the last 2 million years – hunting, gathering and dancing, with no worry about what the next valley are doing. ‘The Hadza share everything – the concept of ownership is unknown to them.’ Mike describes his time following the Hadza guided by Daudi Petersen of Dorobo, who grew up in Tanzania and whose love affair with the Hadza began when he was ten years old. The fees from visitors ($51 pppn levi plus $10 pppd for a Hadza guide) go directly to the Hadza community.

Do have a read of Mike’s story or to book a holiday to Northern Tanzania including a visit to the Hadza please do get in touch with us and one of our destination specialists would be happy to arrange a call back.

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