Tanzania update – Mwiba

By Sophy Roberts

Mwiba Lodge Aerial Shit
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Sophy Roberts stays at Mwiba Lodge in Northern Tanzania, Legendary Expeditions’ latest in their portfolio as of 2014.

A lodge as private as Friedkin himself likes to remain, is exemplified when Sophy greets a hollywood star who she tells us had clearly found a rare chance to hide with his lover. Mwiba conservation area, which the Friedkins are responsible for – who also run Moyowosi, Ugalla, Maswa and Natron, making 6.1 million acres in total – is set on the Southern side of the Serengeti and makes up an important migratory corridor from the Ngorongoro highlands and as a result sees much of the wildebeest migration. The lodge itself was designed by the Friedkins and is made of natural wood and galvanised steel with thatch for roofing. With Persian rugs, leather and canvas chairs and copper plumbing, everything here speaks of the class of yesteryear – that of the original safari. As well as going on wildlife drives it is possible to venture in the Yaeda valley for trips to visit the Hadzabe.

Do have a read of Sophy’s article or to book a luxury Tanzania safari holiday including Mwiba in your itinerary, please do get in touch and one of our destination specialists would be happy to give a call back to begin planning your itinerary.

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