Safari in Style

By Rebecca Rothbaum

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Will Jones, founder and managing director of Journeys by Design, is quizzed on what makes Journeys by Design unique in its travel approach to classic safari destinations: Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia and Botswana, Mozambique et al, in a special issue of Ralph Lauren magazine.

‘There’s an evolution of travel to a place, and how you experience that place is very often a reflection of your history with it,’ Will tells us, ‘and when it comes to Africa,’ he goes on to say, ‘exploring the varied wildlife of a place is must for first-time visitors.’ Repeat trips give the opportunity to explore other facets of an area such the art and culture. The article gives a brief background of Will and how it lead him to start Journeys by Design.

If you are interested in planning a luxury Africa safari holiday, please do get in touch with one of destination specialists, who would be happy to help.

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