Of Rivers and Rituals

By Andrew McCarthy

Banks of the Omo River by Andy Haslam
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Andrew McCarthy describes his time spent in the Omo Valley in Ethiopia with private mobile outfit Wild Expeditions.

‘No one here thinks beyond the Omo.’ Sometimes called the cradle of mankind given that the earliest found Homo sapien fossil was found here, the Omo Valley is made up of over 20 tribes, many of whom are semi-nomadic and depend on traditional methods of agriculture to live. McCarthy’s piece is visceral and honest and outlines a way of life little known and under pressure due to climate change, development of dams in the rest of the country and increase in population of what is the second most populous country in Africa.

If you are interested in an expedition safari to Ethiopia, which includes a trip to the Omo Valley with Wild Expeditions, please get in touch with and one of our destination specialists would be happy to chat through the options.

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