Guy Pelly’s Wildest Moment

By Guy Pelly

Guy Pelly tracking an Ethiopian wolf through the Bale Mountains
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Guy Pelly describes us to his time in Ethiopia first in the north in the Gheralta highlands and then in the Bale Mountains in the south.

He tells us that this was not so much a classic luxury safari, but more an ‘adrenaline-fuelled adventure’. First in the north encountering the ‘high churches’ of Gheralta, making the ascent of one such climb to 8000ft – something that ‘normal people’ would do with ropes and harnesses – in under an hour where he was met by a cheery monk who told them that 63 years ago he had made the ascent and hadn’t gone back down since. They flew to the south where, numbering only 500 in total, they found four Ethiopian wolves whose last stronghold is in the Bale Mountains. ‘Ethiopia is not for everyone, but it was most definitely for us.’

It’s an entertaining piece so do have a read or if you’d like to plan a holiday here, please get in touch with on of our destination specialists.

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