Into the wild

By Mike Carter

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“Alongside me was Kyle de Nobrega, 33, from South Africa, one of a new generation of guides taking ever more adventurous clients to some of Africa’s more challenging destinations — Chad, South Sudan, the DRC and now, for the first time, Gabon.

“Gabon is the most difficult place I’ve been to, because there is hardly any tourist infrastructure here,” he said, which would help explain why only about 40,000 visitors come each year…

“Once you pass through the difficulties, though,” said Nobrega, “you can appreciate this vast wilderness. Its ancient, natural habitats are largely intact down to good conservation practices, so the wildlife is spectacular, the people lovely. It just takes a little bit of work.”

Head deep into the forests of Gabon — home to some of the most spectacular wildlife on the continent, including about 65 per cent of forest elephants — with journalist Mike Carter, wildlife ecologist David Lehmann and JbD’s pro guide Kyle de Nobrega.

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