Catch the drift

By Peter Browne

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Peter Browne describes his time spent discovering Lamu, an archipelagos off the coast of Kenya, in Catch the Drift.

‘The word safari is Swahili for ‘journey’ and it is still being used in its purest form along this coast.’ Tusitiri Dhow is the embodiment of this. Floating through the currents surrounding the islands and once a merchant vessel now renovated into a 65 ft. ship, Tusitiri Dhow sets its sights on adventure for travellers looking to explore the sandy isthmus of Lamu, the coralline island of Manda and little-known Pate, only accessible at high tide, to find the islands’ mix of Arab architecture, Chinese and Indian culture and ‘superb artistry’. Among these sits Shela Village, on Lamu main island, accessible only by donkey cart and home to Peponi Hotel, which overlooks the Lamu channel and in which ‘guests gather to gossip over sun downers and watch the sailing dhows glide past’.

Do have a read to hear the rest of Browne’s adventures or if you’re interested in a Kenya luxury adventure holiday safari experience to Lamu Archipelago then please do get in touch and one of our destination specialists would be happy to start the conversation.