By Stanley Stewart

The nest @ Sossus aerial shot
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Stanley Stewart writes for Conde Nast Traveller on his journey around Namibia in Catch-a-Fire.

Travelling through some of Namibia’s best and strangest landscapes, Stewart writes ‘at the end of creation, God seemed to have gathered up all of bits that didn’t fit, the wacky design ideas that were too bizarre for anywhere else and dumped them here where few people would notice.’

Stewart experiences the various landscapes of Namibia from the mystical Skeleton Coast to the rhinos of Etosha, visiting new and cutting edge camps: Hoanib Valley CampShipwreck Lodge, //Huab Under CanvasSossus Under CanvasWolwedans Boulders Camp and Omaanda. Stewart also stops by new camp The Nest @ Sossus, designed by Porky Hefer, which takes the form of a social weaver bird nest, with floor-to-ceiling thatch.

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