A Tribal Quest

By Don McCullin

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World renowned photographer, Don McCullin, sets off for the Omo Valley in Ethiopia for a photographic expedition.

The last time he was here, he witnessed the donga, a tradition of the fearsome, lip-plated Mursi Tribe, which usually happens after the harvest and involves a fight with sticks – sometimes resulting in broken limbs and the loss of sight. ‘My great pleasure at the end of a long day,’ says McCullin, ‘was to plunge into the crystal clear waters of a stream off the Omo and wash the grime and dust away.’

If you’re interested in a trip to the Omo, please do get in touch – in partnership with Wild Philanthropy and Wild Expeditions, we run the only tented camp down there, Lale’s Camp. It is a truly off-the-beaten-track adventure to anyone looking for more than just chandeliers over bathtubs.

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